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Hosting and servers services’ conditions Privacy policy

  • These policies and principles apply on all clients wishing to use services provided by ALTIN PROMO MEDIA. All clients should bind themselves to respecting these policies and conditions.
  • Services are provided based on your acceptance of all the points and conditions in this document. Therefore, we highly advise you to read this agreement carefully before you start using our services. By doing so, you agree to commit to all the conditions and points of this agreement.
  • Altin Promomedia commits to provide all the services that contribute to the clients’ satisfaction and the fulfillment of the needs requested. You are advised to present an inclusive presentation of your website and/or its idea in order for us to make it a reality by the standards you want. In case of the lack of a fully detailed presentation of the idea, the company conducts the requested work based on what it judges to be suitable.
  • 50 percent of the agreed price is to be paid in advance. The rest is due to after the delivery and reception of service.
  • During the working stage, designs are going to be presented to you in order for you to take notes or remarks concerning them. You can request modifications of up to 30 percent of the design.
  • The company commits to fixing any problems related to the programming code due to a programming mistake during the program’s trial period until the program works perfectly.
  • The company is obliged to execute only what has been agreed on in the contract, and it is not responsible for any additions you may require later on. Any additional requests are priced and are to be paid separately from the original contract.
  • The company has the right to position its logo down the website. The client is not permitted to remove that logo. If done, it would be a breach of the Intellectual Property Protection Law. If the clients do not desire to include the logo, a 30 percent of the original price is to be paid additionally.
  • When designing websites, the company commits to the public and Islamic morals. Therefore, we refrain from constructing any design that disrespects Islamic belief or includes inappropriate materials.
  • The materials and content of the designed website is the responsibility of the client. The company does not take any legal responsibility for the content of the website in any way. After the realization of the website and the clients’ agreement on it, the client is to pay the rest of the agreed price.

Programming and designing services’ conditions

  • In case of ordering a design of any type, the client has the right to request only one preview. The client also can request a second preview after the first one. In case of his disapproval of both previews, he is to pay 200$ for each additional preview.
  • In case of clients’ cancelation of the project during preview phase, ALTIN PROMO MEDIA withholds 30 percent of the original price of the project and refunds the rest of it to the client, with regard to the designing item only.
  • In case of clients’ cancelation of the project after his approval of the preview and design, the client is not entitled to any refund whatsoever. The domains and hosting services will be considered as valid.
  • In case the client paid the whole price but didn’t keep in touch with our experts in order to provide exact preferences of the design requested for a duration of 15 days, The client is not entitled to any refund.
  • In case a client required a website design, a program installation or any service that doesn’t require hosting, then did not pay the full price for those services – except for the hosting-, we are entitled to close the website until fulfillment of payment even if you had paid the hosting charge as it is not related to the other services.
  • After the client’s approval of the preview, any additional programming or designing requests made by the client require additional payment.
  • During the designing phase, the client is allowed to request any kind of modification of the design in a time limit of 30 days. Unless the delay is caused by ALTIN PROMO MEDIA, any modification requirements after the deadline entitles the client to pay a fee of 200$ for each additional week of over-time work on the design. The time of executing modifications of the design is not less than 5 days in average.
  • Technical support is provided after the accomplishment and delivery of the programming, upgrade, program, design or mobile application services to the client for a period of one year starting from the delivery date or the agreed on date in the contract signed with the client. Technical support does not include upgrading, reprogramming or redesigning. If the last three services are required, the client is to pay its fees.
  • All rights of Intellectual Property are protected for the client. ALTIN PROMO MEDIA is entitled to position its logo on the down right or left part of the website in the footer. In case of a request of the removal of the logo, the client is entitled to pay an additional fee of 30 percent of the original price.
  • In case of any delay concerning the beginning of work on the design, the client is entitled to get a refund. ALTIN PROMO MEDIA is also entitled to keep 10 percent of the original price as an exchange for administrative expenses.
  • After the delivery of the completed version of the website or after the programming or designing phase is over. The client is to receive and conduct a trial of the final project and provide a feedback containing notes concerning it if existent in a time limit of 14 days. After the deadline, the project is considered officially delivered with no notes to consider.
  • Client’s intellectual property rights concerning the project or the design are protected. Also, the rights of property of the Source Code and IT solutions of the service including technical assessment, programming or designing a website or an application, E-marketing or other services we provide are protected for the first party. Based on that, both the first and the second party have the right to include their logos and their websites’ links on the main page of the website and the application or in a position that is apparent to visitors, browsers and users of the application (or the website). The second party does not have the right to breach the rights of the first party without the last’s approval and the payment of additional 30 percent of the original price.
  • In case of the client’s failure of following-up the realization of the project in the designing or the programming phase through our ticket system for a duration of one full month, or a failure of the client to pay the installments in accordance with the signed contract of the design or the programming project, ALTIN PROMO MEDIA obtains the right to postpone the work of the client’s project and modify the duration of the completion of work that was agreed on previously to work on other clients’ projects. In that case, the client does not have the right of objection.
  • The client is to follow the designing or the programming project through the official ticket system of the website of ALTIN PROMO MEDIA. Any communication concerning the project through other means of communication such as email, phone, whatsapp or any other mean is not to be considered. The only communication to be considered is through the technical support tickets system.
  • ALTIN PROMO MEDIA does not provide any contracts or official papers for “intellectual property right protection” as it is legally not valid. No idea property rights protection can be included in any contract before the actual agreement. The intellectual property rights are protected after the signing of the definitive contract concerning the value of the project and starting the execution of the project. The client is to protect his/her trade mark through local or international institutions specialized in the domain of preserving patent, ideas and trademarks.

Hosting and servers services’ conditions

  • We have the right to fully shutdown the website with all its services or the server and request the payment of a no more than 300$ fine by the client in addition to the payment of the shutdown and renewal period fees if existent in case of the existence of any debt concerning the website which has not been paid in a period of one month from the date of delivering the service to the client.
  • Concerning the websites’ security services, we provide a high-level protection and safety services. But we would like to notify our clients that a 100% protection of your website is simply impossible in the IT domain. Therefore, we do not refund any expenses in case of a hacking incident of your website or forum after receiving our website protection service. However, we commit to up-keeping and upgrading the security system of your website if the period of delivering our website protection service did not exceed 2 months.
  • We do not take responsibility for the damage that your website incur as a result of clients’ mistakes or as a result of a dysfunction of the server caused by any reason whatsoever including the loss of your website’s data (whether it is files or data bases) as a result of a dysfunction of the servers’ hard disk. The client does not have the right to request any refund of expenses, the hosting service expense or any other service related to it.
  • The setting of a script or a proxy bypass program (of any kind) on your website is strictly prohibited. Any act of this kind would expose your website to a shutdown process until you contact us.
  • Servers’ contracts: if you desire to cancel the service, the cancelation must be requested 5 days prior to the end of the subscription period in accordance with the American Information Center. Any requests of cancelation after that date is considered not valid and the client is entitled by then to renew his subscription for the next month as soon as the bill from the Data Center is available
  • In case of the shutdown of the website and your failure to renew your subscription, we are not responsible for your loss of data, and you do not possess the right to demand any data or recovery copies (if existent) unless you renew your subscription for the previous period and pay its expenses in accordance to the plans available. In case of reserving a hosting service, confirming the reservation and receiving the data; you do not possess the right to cancel the hosting service after it’s purchased and it will be functional until the end of its agreed period.
  • Guaranteeing users’ rights:
  1.     The rights of intellectual property and trade mark are protected for its owners
  2.   We commit to providing the best services, its up-keeping process, and the commitments resulting from any                    disruption of the service. We also commit to inform the users of any disruption or a cease of development,                      upgrade or modification through Email or other means of communication.
  3.  Requesting enough information about the subscriber such as ID copy, company register or address related to the nature of service required.
  4.  We commit not to add any content that violates the company’s regulations.
  5.   We commit to protect the privacy and secrecy of the content and personal data, and to keep the information of the subscriber until the end of subscription in case of a lack of renewal.
  6. . In case the client does not require to continue receiving our service, we commit to giving the client sufficient time to transfer information to another service provider.
  7. If the client desires to rent back his storage capacity, a consultancy with the company is required.
  8. Dear client, all of your information are going to be stored in the servers of ALTIN PROMO MEDIA company and will be managed from the offices of the company.
  • Servers : We provide server hosting, managing and protecting services, and we commit to protect your server in case of you purchased a hosting service with management and protection options. However, the company does not take any responsibility towards protecting your server in case of your request and reception of your servers’ login data. We also note that there is a difference between a hack of a website on your server and hacking the server itself. Our responsibility consists of protecting the server itself and not the websites on it. Nonetheless, you can still request the recovery copies for any hacked website on your server through the technical support. We welcome all your inquiries through the technical support and our contact addresses.
  • In case of the reservation of a server/hosting service that has not been actually activated, refund of expenses is not possible after a period of 15 days from the confirmation of payment. In case of the reservation of a server/hosting service of any kind for a period of more than one month, refund of expenses is not possible after a period of 15 days from the date of agreement even if the server/hosting service is not used during the next months.

Important Notes

  • ALTIN PROMO MEDIA is allowed to modify, cancel or change conditions and terms periodically without prior notice.
  • Dear client, make sure that you get a clear copy of the agreement’s contract or the receipt that explains the agreement’s technical details and the commitments of the client and ALTIN PROMO MEDIA company from the sales representatives.
  • These terms and conditions are applied to all agreements through our tickets system, our official accounts on social media or the official contracts signed with ALTIN PROMO MEDIA.

Privacy and Secrecy of Information


We respect and take interest in your concerns concerning the privacy of your data on the web. This policy was constructed to help you understand the nature of the data that we collect from you when you visit our website on the internet and how exactly do we deal with it.


We did not design this website to collect your personal data from your computer during your visit; only data provided at your will and knowledge are to be used.

Internet Protocol (IP)

When visiting any website including this one, the hosting server registers your Internet Protocol address, the date and time of your visit, the type of browser that you used during the visit and the URL of the website that transferred you to our website

Surveys on the network

The surveys we collect directly through our network enable us to collect specific data such as your view and opinion towards our website. Your responses are of great importance to us, it enables us to enhance and improve the level of our website. You have a free choice of providing private data such as your name and other data.

External links

Our website may include external links or advertisements from other websites such as Google AdSense. We are not responsible for the Data collection methods of those websites; you can always read the privacy policy and the content of these websites that are accessible through links on this website.

We may use third party advertising companies to display ads on our website. These companies have the right to use data concerning your visit of this website or other websites (excluding name, address, email and phone number) in order to display products’ ads that interest you.

Disclosure of information

When we need any data related to you, we will kindly ask you to provide it at your will. The data will help us contacting you and providing you with the services you required wherever it’s possible. The data provided by you will not under any circumstances be sold to any third party that intends to use it for marketing purposes for its own benefit without acquiring your prior written approval, unless if it is done in the context of group data that is used for statistical and research purposes with the condition of it not containing any data that leads to identifying you

When contacting us.

All data provided by you are considered to be privet. The forms that are required to be filled on the website require providing data that will help us enhance the user’s experience on our website. The data and information you provide will be used by our website to answer all your questions, notes or requests.

Disclosure of information to a third party

We will not sell, trade with or rent any of your data or information to any third party outside of our official website under any circumstances but the official warranted request made by the juridical or regulatory authorities

Modification of the privacy policy

We conserve our right to modify the points, policies and condition of our privacy and data protection policy if needed whenever suitable. Modifications are to be implemented here or on the main page of “Privacy policy”. You will be constantly informed of your data that we collect, what it’s going to be used for, and to whom is it going to be provided

Contact us

You can contact us at will through the “contact us” link on our website or by sending an email to company’s email address support@altinpromomedia.com


We take your privacy and data security concerns very seriously and look forward to protect them through our policy.

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